Buying a home

One of the largest investments you will make is the purchase of your home. However, a home is more than just a financial investment. It’s the place that keeps us safe. It’s where we raise families, celebrate milestones, and make memories. At Direct Mortgage Loans, we are committed to providing the personalized care you need when embarking on your home purchase journey.

Considering a home purchase?
Our loan officers are excited to assist you through the rewarding journey!
We’ve outlined a list of questions to consider when starting your home buying process:

What can I afford?

Typically, the amount you qualify for and the amount you’re comfortable spending monthly are not the same. You may qualify for a larger mortgage payment than your budget may allow. Now is the time to review your budget to determine your comfortable mortgage payment.

When is the right time to purchase a home?

Sharing your homeownership timeline is important to our team.  Understanding the factors driving your timeline will help us advise you of when to be ready and when to start the search. These factors may include lease expirations and penalties for termination, graduations, new employment, raises and advancement, relocation, a current home to sell, credit variables, and availability of down payment savings. Looking to purchase within the next two months? Start the process today through our secure mobile application.

What am I looking for in a home?

When considering your home purchase, take the time to list your “must haves” in your new home. For example: location, amenities, condo vs. single family, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. By understanding your non-negotiables, your real estate agent and loan officer will understand what “home” means to you!

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